There are many different types of dentists. Some of them are general dentists who perform common dental procedures such as cleaning, filling, braces, etc. On the other hand, certain procedures require a lot of expertise and specialization. 

They can not be done by anyone. Implant dentistry is one such type of branch. This is done by an implant dentist. The surgeon has a lot of experience in their field. 

Implants are artificial devices used to replace missing teeth. If the tooth retains major injury or infection, they may be lost or may have to be dentally extracted. 

In such circumstances, the resulting gap can create problems for the patient. It may seem not good, and even they appear awkward so people become cautious and feel bad about it. It can also be difficult to eat properly and the overall appearance of the face is also affected. 

Implants are a good option to correct these conditions. These not only imitate normal teeth in function, but also in appearance. Dental implants are also beneficial for oral health because they do not need to be anchored on other teeth like bridges.