Video streaming is one of the most popular online activities on the internet. Watching this video is more fun and interactive than reading a lengthy article content. In addition, the animated visual representation that is more easily understood by the public. Because of the internet video streaming feature, the perception of "shared" only reached a new level and online features gave way to the possibility of a better and more selling.

The dawn of the video streaming phase opened new opportunities in the field of film making, marketing and video sharing. Whether it is for personal or business use, the best thing about it is that the online video website to flow freely registration.

YouTube live streaming, as recently purchased and owned by Google, is the largest video internet streaming. It has more than 800 unique users and is worth more than 4 billion minutes of video watched in one month.

Image Source: Google

YouTube is localized in forty-three countries and translated into more than 60 languages. Website Subscribe button allows the user to connect to anyone they are interested and know what happened to them from time to time. Once you subscribe, you can subscribe to, like, a comment to the other videos and upload your own videos as well.