LED bulbs are the latest innovation in lighting solutions. The full form of LED is "light-emitting diodes". The incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, etc. are fast becoming a thing of the past. CFL's and LED's are ruling the roost. And amongst these two the LED is the clear winner.

The automotive industry is showing a distinct inclination for LED lights and Car LED bulbs are becoming the preferred choice. And this is not just because LED's are more amenable to design requirements. If you want to explore regarding the car interior led strips, visit https://thewavelights.com/products/car-strips.

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In fact, in automotive design, the 'look' is numerous factors. The sleek, feline look of a Jaguar is a case in point. The design of the headlights and taillights add to the crouching feel of a big cat.

The car LED bulbs also have the whitest light and are in fact whiter than daylight. Yet they have a 'cool' feel and do not hurt the eye. 

They give better reflection from road signs as they provide a large pattern of light on the road, instead of illuminating only the sides of a road or casting a pool of light only directly in front. The LED light is directional rather than diffuse which makes them ideal for headlights.

The LED bulb is also energy-efficient and even a low wattage bulb can produce more lumens compared to other bulbs To put it simply- wattage is the power consumed and lumens is the light produced.

The LED is cool to touch even though it produces a significant amount of heat on the diode. So heat control systems need to be in place at the bottom of the light because otherwise it will not function and can also affect other electronic components of the car.