One of the most satisfying niches in coin collecting is the precious metal coin. The use of gold and silver coins is an ancient practice based on the inherent value of metals. For thousands of years, nations have minted their coins in these precious metals. Small-denomination coins were often minted in bronze or copper, but the most valuable coins were made from gold and silver.

Building a valuable collection of precious metal coins not only represents an investment but also serves as a window into history and art. Whether collecting ancient Greek silver tetradrachms, from the times of the mighty Greek Empire when these impressive coins were used as currency throughout the known world, or rare Indian gold coins first minted in AD 100, the coin enthusiast coins have almost unlimited options to choose an area. If you looking for precious metal coins visit

A wonderful way to meet other collectors and specialists is to attend coin shows. The advice and information that accredited dealers have at these shows are invaluable to the new collector. Many coin dealers are happy to share their experience, guiding a novice collector on the right path. Not only is it fascinating to talk to dealers, but the collections they display and offer for sale are also extensive and cover many areas of this exciting hobby.

A show is a place to start building a collection. Confidence in the integrity of the dealer is almost always assured at a large show. Shows are also great places to buy books, especially those dedicated to specialized areas of collecting.