With all the advantages available for homeowners who choose solar lighting, there is a lot of flexibility when planning a design to illuminate your favorite home and garden features. Solar accent lights are available in many lean designs of various manufacturers. Gone is a generic canned solar lamp day without real character for your page. 

Understanding that investing in solar lights will be free and maintenance-free, you can be very creative in planning your design. You can also feel happy with the costs you tube for electricity and to do your part to protect the environment. Here are some tips that you can use when designing your LED luminaires lighting plan.

 led (luminaire / fixture)

Too much light too much: Your page is not a Las Vegas strip so don't overdo it with too much light. You certainly want adequate lighting for safety and security but you don't want to get out at night. Too much light creates a wrong atmosphere and you want to let light from the moon and stars also have an influence on your home and garden features.

A little way you: Many homeowners have paths, entrances, paths, or any combination of this. Use a lighting accent to make a safe path for easy navigation. Lots of landscape paths have an edge or a little drop-off or steps that must be illuminated for a safe jump. 

There are many solar accents lighting equipment with soil bets that can be easily placed to make the type of landing feel for your path and entrance. A smaller series of lights is less intensively separated by the same distance four to six feet creating a great path or entrance.