We have recently hired as a corporate event management company to produce a birthday event. For this event, we will certainly go outside the corporate event planning box. Here are some ideas of our corporate event created by the client for this special night.

One of the first ideas we implemented a corporate event is to install a round table that seated 30 and 40 guests at each table. Usually, for all kinds of planning a party, whether it was planning a corporate event or social event planning, round tables seat 10 and 12 guests each. You can check this out to find the corporate events in Novi.

However, as we increase the size of the table to 20 feet and 24 feet in diameter to accommodate 30 and 40 guests respectively, we have to increase the size of everything else as well, including linens and centerpieces.

We have lots of ideas for corporate event flowers but decided a very traditional setting with the use of the room color burgundy, gold, and ivory. The installation of the flowers were quite complicated.

As with other corporate event management company, we work closely with our clients to learn what unique aspects can we bring to this event to make it memorable. The client amazed their guests by providing actors who perform the ancient dramatic art of Bian Lian.

Other entertainment at the event including DJ who accompanied the music with her singing and performed aerial acrobatics 20 feet above the ground using only the strength and streamers hanging from the ceiling of the ballroom for his performance.