Depending on where you live, and especially in rural communities, chances are you invest in residential septic systems. As scary as it sounds, take care of your septic system is not challenging.

Modern-day septic system management and wastewater treatment systems come with an efficient capability that makes functioning and easy cleaning.

Here are some tips you may want to remember –

– Divert Rainwater from Septic Drain-field

It is important to note that the drain wet areas will not absorb and neutralize liquid waste. Thus, it is recommended that you plan your landscape, roof gutters, and drains foundation in a way that all the excess water will be diverted.

– Do Not Overload the Septic Tank and drain-field

Keep a regular check on the toilet and faucets for any leaks. Make repairs immediately if needed. Make sure that you have installed aerators on your faucets along with the shower nozzle which reduces the flow.

This helps in lowering the level of water consumption. You can also reduce the water content in smaller loads of laundry and wait until the dishwasher is full before you run it. A displacer helps in reducing the amount of water needed to flush the toilet.

– Maintaining Septic System Clear of Trees

Planting trees and other deep-rooted plants of at least 100 feet from a septic system to help prevent any kind of damage to the roots of the unwanted. If you have trees such as willow, known for their aggressive roots, you may have to put them away from your septic sewage treatment systems.