The moment when you hear the sound of THWACK and you know you have launched the Axe into the target is wonderful. It will make you hooked into the game of Axe Throwing. You can play your first Axe throwing game under the guidance of professionals by visiting

Move over, bowling. Axe-throwing is the new league sport.

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Axe throwing is becoming a popular game with the help of which you can earn credits. There are also some leagues, championships, and events of axe throwing that are being organized.

There isn’t anything that is more satisfying than the experience of playing Axe Throwing. Earlier people used to aim at a large target that is in the woods. Nowadays there is a specially designed bullseye which is known as the target in the game of Axe throwing. 

Bullseye consists of a 4-inch diameter and has 4 extended circles around it. You have to hit the 4-inch diameter to get 6 scores, the circle will get you 4,3,2,1 score respectively. 

You cannot miss the target and the closer you hit the axe to the bullseye, the more points you will earn. This game requires a little experience so that you will not harm yourself and others during the game.  

There are some social gatherings where people love to play this game for pure entertainment. In such gatherings, you can enjoy playing the game and also you can polish your skills.