The most common type of lighting used in paint spray booths is fluorescent lighting in control panels. The actual fixtures are installed and embedded in the lining of the cab. This device is generally classified as Class I, Part 2 or Class I, Part 1 and is a third party listed as a Hazardous Location.

Class I, Part 2 are locations where volatile and flammable liquids or gases are handled, handled or used. Usually they are locked in a closed system so they can only escape if the system is destroyed or deteriorates. You can visit to know about table top paint booths in CA.

The panel design offers easy and effective installation. These bodies are usually made of steel with 18 or 20 dimensions. Combined with a white enamel finish, a durable and highly reflective finishing element is created. Clear tempered glass lenses are sealed and sealed to provide a permanent and permanent seal against smoke, dust and moisture.

Equipment classified as dangerous, according to the Code, must be used in an area extending from the edge of the opening in the cab according to the following conditions:

* If the exhaust ventilation system is obstructed by the spray applicator, the location of section 2 should be extended 5 feet horizontally and 3 feet vertically from the open side or front of the chamber.

* Unless the spray apparatus blocks the exhaust ventilation system, section 2 shall be extended 10 feet horizontally and 3 feet vertically from the open area or front of the cab.