Sucking the thumb is a natural reflex for your child, but if it continues on for too long it can cause damage. The concern with thumb sucking is that it can affect the growth of the mouth including the roof of the mouth and the alignment of the teeth.

The crux of the issue is the intensity of the sucking motion. If your baby just rests their thumb lightly in his or her mouth then there may not be any dental problems, but if they are an aggressive thumb sucker, they could have problems not only with their primary teeth, but their adult teeth as well. You can alos browse at Amazon UK website if you want to stop finger sucking habit in children.

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The pressure can cause your child's teeth to tilt. Thumb sucking can also cause open bite or under bite because the mouth is not intended to be in a half-open position for long periods of time.

If the habit is stopped by 3 or 4, it usually will correct them, but sometimes the dentist should improve the position and alignment of the jaw teeth.

Dentists recommend that children start to receive dental examinations as early as age 6 months so keep an open dialogue with the dentist on your child's teeth and jaw alignment and if they see any signs of concern during their examinations.

Unfortunately all the problems does not always end when the stop thumb sucking. Even after they stop sucking their thumbs, some children will develop the habit of tongue-thrusting while eating, swallowing and speaking.