Domain names are the names you use to go online. Simply put, it is your online identity. As it is your identity, just like how your parents take months to decide the name they will give you, it is also important that you think and chooses the right domain name for your business.

Initially, your name must be unique and easy to memorize. After you think of a name, now you can go to the domain registration website and enter your chosen domain name. After you do this, there will be a request that gives you another alternative option from 2 to 67 characters. Uppercase or lowercase letters can be used but always best to use the lowercase characters.

How to Buy a Domain Name A Simple Guide Hosting Odisha

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For businesses who want to have a longer domain name, they are available at domain registration companies. On the other hand, a complete web hosting package has free domain registration as one of its features.

However, before you are online and make your domain registration, you need to understand that the domain name also has an impact on your popularity on the internet. Choose a shorter and simpler domain name so that it can be easily remembered and lower opportunities to make mistakes when typing them.

After you choose the name, it is necessary to follow the top-level domain which is an extension at the end of the domain name. There are many TLD alternatives such as dot net (.net), dot com (.com), dot-biz (.biz), and dot info (.info). Dot org (.org) is usually for organizations; dot gov (.gov) is for the government. If not, you can also use a special TLD country like Dot UK (.uk) for England and Dot AU (.au) for Australia.