Natural stone tiles come in a massive assortment of styles, colors, and finishes out of sleek, modern limestone to timeless marble or rustic background so can accommodate any kind of interior.

They are both lovely and unique since, as a pure substance, no two tiles will be indistinguishable so that your room can get an identity all its own. To give your place a more authentic look you can get a stone polishing service nearby. 

The end is especially important as it can make a very distinct look despite the same stone in precisely the same quarry. Travertine is a sort of limestone having a honeycomb structure plus a lot of exterior indentations.

These impressions can be full of resin to get a smooth exterior or left empty for a textured coating. Colors include pale lotions to dark red browns.

Limestone is formed when seashells live in sediment, which repeatedly hardens to sedimentary stone so fossilized shells are a normal feature. Shades vary from cream to golden brown.

Granite is an igneous rock so is a quite difficult rock which makes it incredibly durable as it pertains to a huge assortment of rich colors and is often utilized in the house for kitchen worktops in addition to flooring.

Granite is familiar to us from the early classical buildings of Rome and Greece and the numerous famous Italian sculptures. It is available in many different unique shades typically with contrasting veining however, the darker marbles aren't acceptable for wet areas due to their porosity.

Slate consists of quartz, clay, and shale and includes a rustic look because of the natural layered appearance. Since it's water-resistant it's often used for floor tilings but can also be used for roof tilings and patio tiles.