In this article, we will talk about business, life, growth and progress with a game plan for the next new year. We are currently discussing a one-sided business plan. It's a great way to plan and organize where you are and where you are going in business and in life. You can visit some sites also like to know more about the one-page business plan.

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What's the plan for? What do you want to do? Look at 50,000 feet as if you were in an aeroplane. You can use bullets for details. Basically, you get an overview and can see your entire business/career or personal life.


Mission focus on what the company does. What are you doing? Who you serve For who you do this You can also use this in your personal life. This is an area where you can put a big "why".

Marketing strategy

Using this for businesses requires writing a marketing strategy for growth, services, and opportunities, including products and services. Using this as a life plan, there are several strategies you need to write down.

Financial goals

Depending on your goals, you may have financial goals. Outline a one-year forecast for expenses and income. What indicators will you use to judge success?