The US Navy continues to expand and develop new career opportunities for its personnel. Instead of being constrained by temporary economic fluctuations, you can seek further training and advancement opportunities, incredible benefits packages, and a lifestyle that will take you around the world.

The first step in planning your career is talking to recruiters for an online ASVAB course by the best military aptitude test study guide. Your Marines can help you understand your skills and responsibilities. 

You can also plan to use the Armed Forces Professional Ability Battery (ASVAB) which will help you identify your interests, skills, and abilities. This information will help you and your employees choose the most appropriate specific job.

Your recruiter can also explain what to expect from basic marine education ("A" schools), your first job, and your professional advantage. Your recruiter can also answer any questions you have about education, life in the Navy, and its benefits.

The first challenge is your basic education. Once you and your recruiter have determined your best career path, you will need to prepare mentally and physically for basic training. This means you are building your strength and endurance. 

You also need to learn to recognize the need for your training instructor to push you beyond your self-imposed limits. This means that you are called upon and given an impossible solution to any problem. Take it all and get certified for that rigorous training.

If you are willing to put in an honest effort, acquire skills, and build a successful career in your life, the US Navy has the job for you.