Scuba diving is the best recreational sport where you get to explore exotic underwater locations either in the ocean or your favorite lake. The word scuba is an acronym that stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. If you are thinking of taking up scuba diving as a hobby you'll need to purchase or rent all the scuba gear. You can also get the best cavern diving experience by clicking the source: The Cenote Guy – Cavern Diving

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The scuba gear you'll need when you go diving:

• Dive tanks – This is your air supply. They come in different sizes and shapes – and are made of aluminum or steel. You can rent or buy your dive tanks at one of the many diving outlets.

• A mask – dive shops carry a variety of diving masks. Some are full-face masks while others just cover your eyes. You can even buy them with optical lenses.

• Valves – regulate the air-flow from the tanks.

• Gauges – there are many different type gauges you can get from the diving stores, such as depth, temperature, and pressure gauges.

You should also check out scuba certification. There are different levels of scuba dive certifications, from the very basic to the most advanced.

When you decide you want to scuba dive you should check out scuba driving lessons. Scuba diving lessons are a great way to learn how to scuba dive safely. Check with your local YMCA to see if scuba classes are given in one of their indoor pools. Lessons focusing on safety will give you the confidence you need to make your diving experience an enjoyable one.