With a grid-connected solar power system, you save money by bringing electricity back to the grid. You will receive a credit for the solar electricity rate (FiT) on your electricity bill, also known as a "purchase".

Many of us are at work or at school during the day. Then of course the sun is brightest. Having a battery can save that sun's goodness and use it for serious savings at night.

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However, if you don't have battery, just send this power adapter to take the load off the network. By doing this, you will even help others becoming less dependent on fossil fuels!

At home on those sunny days? It is still very possible to take half of the sun's energy that has been collected. Your roof becomes a small power station that shares the sun with other VIC homes.

But there's a little trick: Solar-FiT costs much less per kilowatt-hour than electricity on the grid. So if you export too much and you run out of solar energy from the battery at night, you're back on the grid.

It's better to save it and use it, then export it to the grid, and end up buying more electricity at a much higher price.

By the way, the registration fee is not automatically incurred if you purchase solar power. To be eligible for FiT, you must first be connected to a network.