Hybridoma technology, a widely accepted method for large-scale production of monoclonal antibodies resulting from the fusion of specific antibodies producing B lymphoblasts with myeloma, takes the formation of hybrid cell lines as a key element. 

The platform of companies like Boster Bio is a high-performance hybridoma generation platform integrated with the latest technology to ensure the unique production of monoclonal antibodies by global customers. 

Solutions Include Magical Human Antibody Generation, DNA Immunization Hybridoma Generation Service, Custom Antibody Generation Service, Natural Antibody Detection Service, etc. You can get more information on custom mouse monoclonal antibodies over the internet.


  • Antigen preparation – either purified or supplied antigen in silico sequences (to produce soluble proteins and peptides)
  • Immunizations can be tailored through a comprehensive strategy (DNA immunization, whole-cell immunization, etc.).
  • Diverse hybridoma generation and accepted screening tests for hybridoma screening (ELISA, IHC, Immunoblot, etc.)
  • Production of antibodies and standard animal cleaning for cleaning prior to large-scale production


  • High specificity, high affinity and high accuracy
  • Selection of different types (mouse hybridoma, mouse hybridoma, hamster hybridoma, guinea pig hybridoma, and inactive mouse gene hybridoma)
  • Enable fine-tuning detection (post-translation changes).
  • Generate a large panel of bioactive antibodies
  • A complete functional test is available
  • New epitope detection
  • Excellent IHC results with formaldehyde embedded paraffin networks
  • Excellent results for difficult antigens
  • A high-performance filtering platform is available