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Types of Landscaping Edging

Landscaping can change the entire look of your garden. It adds a fresh and lively sense to the aesthetic sense of your garden. If you are resident in Australia’s thn you can buy Flexible, Eco-Friendly Garden Border & Edging

 Dug Edging:

Being the least expensive, dug edging mainly saves a great deal of time and energy that you usually put into the beautification process of your landscaping process. You can develop some addition around your garden or enhance the look of your already setup.

Plastic Edging:

You can easily get very much economically installed edgings that are very much easy to install without any additional help. However, such edging does not last quite long which is why most people do not prefer getting these into their surroundings.

Metal Edging:

These setups usually do well for your needs and keep unwanted flora out. Also, they do not cost much to get installed. In addition, they are very much useful than any other edging. Importantly, you need to take care of these setups as the edges can be really sharp. So, make sure you keep children and pets out from such settings.

Wood Edging:

Being popular, these types of edging can be available in reasonable prices. These settings suit the needs to the best as the woods used in making such constructs are rather large and occupying. Importantly, wood is biodegradable in nature, you need to monitor them at regular intervals.

Masonry Edging:

Such settings are indeed expensive as you need professionals to construct them for your garden. You can also custom design such settings and ensure your complete protection.

How to Make and Maintain a Bog Garden

There are a number of reasons you might want to create a swamp garden. You can also add a swamp area on the edge of an existing pond.

Swamp gardens not only provide the opportunity to grow different and interesting plant groups in your garden but also attract lots of wildlife. You can buy the best products for garden edging in Australia.

Here are some tips on how to start making plants and which ones to choose.

Build a swamp garden

The swamp gardens are kept quite small as they are easier to build and maintain. However, if you want more space, you'll need to put up a ladder or walkway to allow maintenance access.

You build a swamp garden the same way you build a pond, but the holes should be much shallower. Mark the area you want to dig, then dig the soil to a depth of about 18 inches. Open the hole with polyethylene or butyl and secure the ends with a stone or brick.

Place the leaky tube at the bottom of the hole and plug it in with one end. The other end must stick out of the hole for the area to be watered.

Cover the tubing with sand to prevent it from clogging, then put all the excavated material back into the hole. Perhaps the idea is to add rotting leaf mold or compost at this point to create a good growing environment. Your swamp garden is now ready to be planted.

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