VISA is nothing but an official document and consists of a stamp or a confirmation issued in the passport to the passport holder that gives him/her to travel to New Zealand.

It is the authority given to people who gave him the luxury to travel to certain countries for excluded. Each country has its own terms, conditions, and requirements. You can travel to New Zealand with NZeta by apply NZeta Singapore today.

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It is issued by foreign governments and requirements can include fees and processing costs depend on the type of green light and countries visited.

Short-Term Travel (ETA) – This type is issued against those who see from a tourism perspective and allows one to enter New Zealand by a short-term period. It can apply for a 3-month trip.

Short Stay Business (ETA) – this type issued against business objectives and it applies for the purposes of a business trip of short duration only.

Long Stay Visitor  – is issued to visitors who are looking to stay long term, over 3 months for up to one year for recreational purposes only.

Paper-Based visitors – e-visas are issued on paper or electronically in the form of soft copy. One paper can be issued up to a duration of 12 months.

Transit – this type of license issued to people who want to transit through New Zealand and do not need to get into New Zealand.

Work – this is the kind of specific and issued to people between the age group of 18-30 years who are interested in working in New Zealand.