If you need to move the couch, bring a friend, a sandwich, paper and a pencil. You'll want to eat a sandwich before moving a heavy sofa. 

If done on an empty stomach, not only will the work become more difficult, but moving such a heavy object can cause the body to fall and cause headaches or muscle spasms. You can now be free from all this headache by hiring sofa doctor in New York.

How to Move a Couch - The Home Depot

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Now that you have enough energy for your body, it is time to plan carefully. Measure the size of the sofa with a pencil and paper. You don't want to move a heavy sofa and then find that it doesn't go through the door or is too wide to fit through the narrow hallway of your apartment. 

Now that you know the dimensions of the sofa, measure the width and height of all the doors the sofa has to pass through. If the sofa fits without any major problems, this job becomes easy. 

If the sofa won't fit through the aisle or doorway, you will need to make the sofa as narrow as possible by tilting the sofa on the front legs. The idea here is that the back of the sofa faces the ceiling. This position gives you flexibility when walking through narrow doors/corridors.

Is the sofa very heavy and you don’t want to call professionals? Go to Wal-Mart and buy a slider. With the slider, you can push/pull the sofa without much effort. They work on hardwood floors, carpets, and most hard surfaces. This is the only solution left!