It is well known that a custom suit is made according to the body measurements. Custom made suits feel a lot more comfortable than many off-the-rack suits.

The custom suits are designed by professional tailors who have a true experience of stitching suits.  The professionals perform wonders, they could literally transform a bad fitting match to the ideal match for your particular body type. Custom suits enhance the look of the wearer. 


Useful tips for maintaining custom suits:

  • When you wear your custom suit at a party or any celebration. Your suit will definitely be dirty. So to maintain the shine and brightness of your custom suit, give it to the dry cleaning, not to the laundry.
  • Always put your custom suits with camphor balls to protect it from smelling during monsoon season. 
  • After washing the custom suit, do not dry it in the sun for a long time because doing so may cause the color or shine of the suit to fade. 
  • To keep the custom suit in the right shape, always hang it on the hanger as doing so you will be able to keep your suit like new. 
  • Always iron your custom suits before wearing them. Ironing can resolve the wrinkles and make them fresh.
  • Always try to wash your custom suit with good liquid detergent instead of using powder detergent. Because powder detergent contains more harsh chemicals than liquid detergent.