Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, is a disease of the gum tissues in your jaws. The principal reason for periodontal disease is poor dental hygiene which results in the buildup of a hard, sticky film of fungus on the teeth named plaque.

In advanced steps, this may result in severe chewing difficulties, bleeding gums, and including tooth damage. You can have treatment of gum disease through various sources online.

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What Is Gum ailment?

Gum condition is an inflammatory phase of the periodontal and gum muscle enclosing the teeth. The first step of gum disease is called gingivitis, which means increasing of gums.

Besides bad dental wellness and tartar accumulation, factors like tobacco use, certain medicines, clenching or sharpening of your teeth, and genetics may also play an essential role in developing gum disease.

What's a Cavity/Tooth Decay?

Cavities are holes shaped in your tooth's surface. They happen when bacteria in your mouth create acid which damages the tooth's enamel and its core layer: the dentin. When foods like bread, cookies, milk, juice, candy, and fruits become stuck in your teeth, a fungus that resides in your mouth summary it and create acids. These acids soften the tooth enamel.

Kinds of Gum Disease

There are primarily two stages or kinds of gum disease.

1. Gingivitis – The first stage of gum ailment is called gingivitis, and it often goes unnoticed. If diagnosed at this stage, the problem is usually reversible.

2. Periodontitis – When gingivitis is left untreated, it results in another stage of gum condition called periodontitis. In this phase, the individual undergoes constant gum inflammation and loss of bone and tissue in the infected region of the mouth, finally resulting in tooth loss.