A pain management doctor is a specialist that makes a diagnosis of why a patient is experiencing pain. A pain management doctor will also be the one that will provide a treatment plan for the pain in combination with the patient's other doctors.

A specialist with pain treatment will treat patients outside of surgery for a variety of things. Among them would be arthritis, back pain, migraine headache pain, cancer pain, neck pain, nerve pain, and shingles. One example would be amputees that experience phantom limb pain is regularly referred to a pain specialist for help and treatment as well. You can also browse this site to consult a pain management doctor in Chicago.

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A specialist in pain will also treat patients suffering from acute pain after an incapacitating illness, serious injury, or surgery as well. Other times their services are needed is post-knee-joint surgery pain and during recovery after an accident. They also see a patient that have had chest or stomach surgery or has been diagnosed with diseases like Sickle Cell.

When you first visit a pain management doctor, they will have you complete a questionnaire asking for detailed information about your pain that helps them get up to speed with your case and the replies you provide are helpful for them in assessing how your day-to-day life is affected by your pain. You can them to order a physical exam or request the results from your last physical exam as well and maybe order testing. By reviewing all of this together, they are better able to locate the root of your pain and determine the best way to work with you.